Matthew Brady: Abe Lincoln

Matthew Brady was a realist photographer in the 1800's. Some of his most famous photographs were the ones he took of Abe Lincoln. This photograph was taken in New York on February 27, 1860 (wordpress). The photograph was captured just before he was to give his speech to the Cooper Union. One critic said, "His hand perched on a book gives away his lawyer profession, but without even speaking a word, we can tell that justice is in his eyes" ( Matthew Brady was asked to take another picture of Lincoln five years later. It was taken on April 10, 1865 (wordpress). The difference in the pictures is so immense and saddening. The photograph was taken four days before his assassination, and some say that he is smiling almost as if to say goodbye and that he knows he is done (wordpress). Critics say, "Lincoln is sitting, some sagging in his once strong and broad shoulders, and once again looking directly into the lens of the camera, but there is no earnest look this time, just one of peace" (